press-harberMira through the eyes of a great photographer, Gabriel Harber

This weekend I photographed a close friend and amazing belly dancer, Mira Betz. She was a true pleasure to photograph. I love being able to take some time to do fun projects while I am not shooting weddings or family portraits. We shot mostly at my house, which is being rebuilt because it caught fire in 2007. Although it was a little tricky working in the attic, the light was awesome, and it was a lot of fun.

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press-harberMira in her Jewelry and costume studio with Gabriel Harber Photography

Mira Betz lives just down the street from me. She is an amazing belly dancer, and a wonderful artist (and a good friend). I cruised over to her place to hang out the day before yesterday. She is in town for a couple of days in between touring. Talk about one hard working lady. Just back from Canada, Venezuela, and I can’t keep track of all the places, she is off again tomorrow for I don’t even know where.

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press-miriamEmblaMiriam Embla, a dancer who attended Mira’s Mexico Retreat and danced to the sound of the waves crashing

Last autumn, I was fortunate enough to go to Mexico for Mira Betz’ first annual dance retreat. I was not so fortunate in that one month prior to the retreat, I got a bad case of iliopsoas tendonitis.


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press-beatsA blog featuring a video of mira dancing (pregnant) with Beats Antique NYE 2012




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press-miriamEmblaBlog by dancer Miriam Embla on Mira’s Dancing Through Art Intensive

It was with some reservations that I signed up for Mira Betz‘s workshop in San Francisco about two years ago. The reason for my reservations was that the workshop was on using basic compositional elements from design and art (especially painting, since Mira has a background as a painter) in the creation of dance.


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Blog by photographer Wick Sakit, Mira on tour with Beats Antique

Photos by Wick Sakit



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press-splitTFPerformance Spotlight!! Mira Betz at Split Tribal Fest 2012

I first found Mira Betz while watching the performance DVD Tribal Revolution from Hollywood Music. She performed a “Cabaribal” piece to Bound by Dan Cantrell. I was absolutely mesmerized. She was controlled and fluid and told a story with her dancing in a way I hadn’t seen before. I watched that performance so many times.

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Interview of Mira by Hagalla Magazine

Interview with Mira Betz by Marcel Bieger

Dance is dance; it grabs us, infects us, inhabits our bodies and then influences our response to music both consciously and unconsciously.

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press-video-interviewVideo Interview of Mira by Kelli 2011




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press-video-interviewYip Podcast Interview with Mira 2009




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Who Is Mira Betz?
by Raine

Belly dance is one of the fastest growing dance forms across the globe, which means there are hundreds upon hundreds of individuals who are fairly good at it, but few are as exceptional as Mira Betz. As one of the most sought after belly dancers, performers, choreographers and instructors in the world, she is renowned for her technique, grace and limitless talent.

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press-byDancersforDancersBy Dancers, For Dancers

New Video Project Showcases SF Bay Area Talents
DVD Review by Dawn Devine

This cooperative video project spearheaded by Michelle Joyce presents six top San Francisco Bay Area professional dancers doing what they do best – dancing!

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press-bellyqueenvsbarberycoastBellyqueen vs. Barbary Coast:

It’s an east coast west coast showdown….
Gina Grandi puts on a show of astronomical proportions.
Review and photos by Surreya


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tribal massiveReview on The Massive Spectacular Las Vegas NV 2012

The annual Massive Spectacular charity fundraiser provides the perfect introduction to an increasingly popular and incredibly diverse dance movement commonly referred to as tribal, or tribal fusion. Tribal dance has a boundless capacity to absorb ethnic and popular culture from around the world, but it’s best known as the contemporary manifestation of belly dance.

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shimmy magazineCover of Shimmy Magazine




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