Technique and the Creative Process

Catskill, NY August 3-5, 2018. SOLD OUT waitlist available here

Shenzhen, China October 14-21 information and registration

Where are you coming from, what are you doing, and where are you going? This intensive is an exploration to unlock our own unique individual approach to the creative process and deepen our expression.

Ethics and Technique

Albuquerque, NM November 16-18 information and registration

Mira will take you to the core of her practice in this 3day intensive, addressing movement with intention, strong form and execution, and cleaning technique for a sharper more poised dance presence. An outspoken advocate for the ennoblement of this dance form, Mira will also explore, through lecture writing and discussion, such themes as ethics, pricing, and how the present trends in this dance are affecting its progression. She believes it is important to not only hone your abilities as a technician, but to also develop your art within the context of its place socially and historically; to explore our responsibilities as dancers, artists and humans. Mira creates a safe dynamic learning space to do just that.


Dancing Through Art

2018 dates tba

Join Mira for an in-depth study on moving outside of the “bellydance box”. You will work on building stamina and creative ways to use space, utilizing Design principles with progressive exercises aimed to improve your dance and inform your movement and carriage. You will learn how fine art and composition can create a distinct style, unique to your body and form. This will be a cumulative course, touching on multiple subjects and building over the three days with Mira., complete with technique drills and art projects. Bring scissors, paper glue, and some spare magazines or images that inspire you.


Performance Intensive with Mira Betz

Dates TBA

A unique, versatile approach to the bellydance intensive, a weeklong designed for experienced dancers, already performing, who are looking for inspiration from an artistic standpoint and who are interested in honing their ability to express through dance. This intimate group exploration will stretch your notions of how dance can be striking on stage, and allow you to unlock new areas of creativity in your bodies, and your mind. The seminar brings together many of the styles and forms from dance to theater which Mira has carefully integrated into an exciting, powerful, liberating approach to creation, including: personal expression, musicality, historical and contemporary contextual analysis, structured improvisation and choreography, focused writing exercises and more. Thanks ladies, looking forward to dancing together! Information and registration

Testimonials- “Friends. Studying with Mira in an intensive environment is, without a doubt, one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my dance. She is one of the premier artists of our time in our form, but rather than solely focusing on passing on her style or brand of artistry/movement, (which, I mean, we’d pay for that am I right?) she has committed herself to mentoring other artists and helping them find their own voices. She will crack you open – but in a safe and supportive environment. I’ve never walked away without feeling I’d somehow discovered myself a little more, heard my own voice more clearly. I’ve never walked away without feeling, at once, challenged and validated. How does she do that? I don’t know. What do know is that you want this.” J Downum

August 2018

Annual Dance Intensive Retreat with Mira Betz

Taos County , New Mexico 18-25 In this intensive Mira will take dancers on a journey of the body and mind. The curriculum will focus on dance technique, the solitary nature of an artist and how we can use our practice to enhance our life. The intensive will take advantage of the breathtaking surroundings to retreat from life into the dance, into yourself, providing an avenue to deepen your understanding of how you function in your body, in your creativity, and how this informs your dance, costuming and music choices. Information and registration here

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